What are adaptogens?

We're hearing the word Adaptogens a lot lately but, what are adaptogens, really? We'll walk you through the concept, its benefits and why it's so important to include them in our regular diet. 


Adaptogens are botanical substances, aka plants,  also known as adaptogenic herbs, that help the body restore balance and adapt to multiple stressors. They help not only with the common kind of stress (9 to 5ers, we hear you) but also many physical, emotional, chemical, and environmental stressors. In short, they get the body to the state of equilibrium through their regenerative properties. 


These amazing plants have been around for centuries! Nearly every culture has used rejuvenating and restorative plants with properties that are similar to the modern-day adaptogen. Here are some key aspects from adaptogens:

- They are non toxic: no side effects at all when consumed at recommended daily amount

- Generalizing action to improve resistance to all kind of stress

- They have a normalizing impact in the body


The normalizing effect of adaptogens means that they will perform as needed in order to help return the body o a normal or balanced state. There are studies that show how adaptogens can regulate stress, anxiety, boost immune system, help with hormonal imbalances and more. Some adaptogens that can be found in our products include Ashwaganda, Reishi, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Lion's Mane mushroom, Maca, Chaga mushroom, Cordyceps, Dang Shen, Rhodiola to name a few. They help align mind, body and soul. Namasté.