About us

At Nurana we live by one rule: Food is Medicine. Food has the power to NURture us, chANge us, heAl us. Our anchor is ancient food, those unprocessed, nutrient-dense superfoods that can be found in so many magical places around the world. Our main one is called Peru. These natural ingredients that come from the mountains and rainforest of Peru, alongside other adaptogens, have disease-preventing and health-promoting benefits. This is what we call functional foods. 
So we partnered up with a few experts and created Nurana, a brand that creates functional, organic, nutrient-dense, and delicious products that go beyond basic nutrition. We want to share with you everything we know about functional products, how they can help your body achieve optimal health, and the benefits these amazing ingredients have that nourish our bodies. They will give your body exactly what it needs to thrive. We're pretty sure you'll love them.